The 10 Best Whole Food Plant-Based Meat Brands To Try

By: Anay Mridul 
April 4, 2023

From lentils to jackfruit to cashews, veggie burgers are getting a whole foods plant-based makeover: say hello to the brands making vegan meat from fruit and vegetable ingredients.

Animal protein alternatives have undoubtedly come a long way — and so have consumer attitudes toward them.

A decade ago, some of us were lucky enough to just find a soy burger in our local supermarket; now, we all have our individual brand favourites.

While we love ourselves a good Beyond or Impossible patty, sometimes we crave a whole-food plant-based (WFPB) veggie burger. Luckily, we’re now spoilt for choice, thanks to these ten global vegan protein companies that are betting on whole ingredients, sans the isolates.

1. Big Mountain Foods

Founded in 1987, Vancouver-based Big Mountain Foods is a brand that prides itself on food “made 100% with vegetables”. To that end, while it does have link sausages and plant-based meat crumbles that use pea protein, its range has a few products made completely from whole foods.

These include Veggie Grounds, which come in broccoli and cauliflower varieties, made with yellow split peas, vegetables and spices. The Superfood Breakfast Bites use a base of sweet potato, yellow split peas and apples, while the Original Veggie Patty is a burger made with a base of yellow split peas, carrots, green peas and red pepper.

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