Picnic like a pro: Actionable tips elevate your picnic game

Everyone loves the idea of a picnic, being in the sun-kissed outdoors, laughter among friends, your favourite ice cold drinks and freshly prepared home cooked food. With all that said, it requires more prep than most outdoor activities, from the location, to the food, packing, and more. We got you covered, because today we’ll share how to Picnic like a pro 😎

Menu Magic

When crafting the perfect picnic menu, it's all about striking a balance between convenience and gastronomic delight. Instead of sticking to mundane sandwiches and chips, consider creating a picnic menu that elevates the experience. Go beyond traditional offerings by preparing easy-to-handle dishes that excite the palate. Think fresh and vibrant salads, chilled gazpacho, or delectable stuffed wraps bursting with flavor. 

Picnic pro tip #1: Opt for a variety of small bites and finger foods that are easy to share and don't require elaborate serving. Prepare bento-style boxes with an assortment of colorful fruits, nuts, veggies, or bulk prepared entrées (featuring your fave BMF products like the Mushroom Bite Wraps or Lion’s Mane Burger Sliders). 


Smart Food Packing

Ensuring your picnic food stays fresh and cool during transport and throughout the day can make or break your picnic. The key to smart food packing is to use insulated containers and cooler bags to preserve freshness and prevent spoilage.

Picnic pro tip #2: If you can, freeze your favourite drinks (water or juice) the night before and use these as your ‘ice packs’ for packing. This way you’re able to keep food/drinks cool and fresh while also having ice cold drinks all day

Eco-Friendly Picnicking

Picnicking anywhere comes with the responsibility of minimizing our environmental impact. Embrace eco-friendly practices to ensure you leave no trace behind and preserve the beauty of your picnic spot for anyone

Picnic pro tip #3: Use reusable or compostable containers, cups and utensils, made from materials like bamboo, palm leaves, or sugarcane. These eco-friendly options are biodegradable and are easy to dispose of in a compost bin. 

Picnic pro tip #4: The Essentials Kit

If you plan on going on multiple picnic trips during the summer, prepare your a kit that includes some of your ‘constants’ or items you know you’re going to be bringing every time you go on a picnic trip. These can be first aid supplies, wet wipes, trash bags, sunscreen, and more. This way you only prepare this once without having to get it ready every single time + if you’re doing other outdoor trips like camping, these are great add-ons that lessen the stress of packing.

Comfort Comes First

A cozy seating setup can make all the difference between a fun experience and an uncomfortable one. Prioritize comfort by incorporating portable and lightweight seating options. If possible, get to know your picnic location beforehand by either visiting it in-person or using sites like Google Maps to view what terrain you’ll be on. 

Picnic pro tip #5: Consider investing in foldable picnic blankets or lightweight camping chairs. A soft blanket not only offers a comfortable sitting area but also doubles as a cozy lounging spot after the meal. If you’re having your picnic at the beach or any location where you’re exposed to the sun all day, you can also consider investing or borrowing a canopy tent so you have your own area for shade. 



Picnics are one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities, and with the proper planning, and execution they can also be one of the most rewarding. They’re an opportunity to connect with friends, nature and relish in life’s simple pleasures outdoors (or indoors, wherever you choose to do it). We hope this guide helps ya out. The next time you go camping, make sure to tag us @bigmountainfoods on IG