Holiday highlights with Kim & Jasmine

We sat down with the mother-daughter duo behind Big Mountain Foods to chat with them about all things fall and winter. The conversation was not only very fun and entertaining, but also filled with tips, tricks and insights to help make the season even merrier. Below, we've curated some of the most captivating moments:

Holiday moments

Jasmine and Kimberly emphasize on sharing moments over food during this season. They mention that the weather, and overall mood can be quite isolating this time of the year, but you don't have to make every gathering perfect because the company alone is enough. Not only that but spending quality time with your loved ones helps your mental and even physical health. 

Autumnal Atmosphere Setting

Setting the mood isn't just about holiday decor; it's the art of bringing warmth to your space in many forms. Jasmine emphasizes the power of holiday-scented diffusers, such as peppermint oil reduces stress and improves mental function, tapping into the science-backed link between scents, mood improvement, and relaxation. 

Chilly wellness

Jasmine advocates for a blend of warm and cold exposure in your wellness routine. The science behind it is compelling—enhanced circulation, reduced inflammation, improved immune function, and a mood boost. A refreshing take on self-care that goes beyond the typical cozy bath.

Eggnog on everything

Jasmine and Kimberly are huge fans of homemade vegan eggnog - perfect for the weather, with it's rich, spiced and sweet flavour. Traditionally made with dairy ingredients, but our friends over at the Minimalist Baker have made it so much easier.

Mind-Body Harmony

Pilates and leisurely walks, even in the rain, take center stage. The holistic benefits of Pilates—flexibility, balance, and core strength—align with a mindful approach to well-being. It's a reminder that movement is medicine for the body and soul.

Soulful practices

Explore mindfulness and the tradition of burning palo sticks. While distinct, both contribute to mental well-being. Burning palo sticks, rooted in tradition, isn't just about pleasant aromas—it's a journey toward a sense of cleansing and overall well-being.

Daily Routines

Early nights, early mornings, Epsom salt baths, and motivational podcasts form the crux of Jasmine's daily routine. An avid listener of Ed Mylett during drives, she emphasizes the importance of simple yet impactful rituals for personal growth and motivation.

Seasonal cooking

Fall and winter call for heartwarming dishes. From crumbles to pumpkin-spiced muffins and Kimberly's hearty soups, the season invites you to savor the joy of seasonal cooking. Embrace the warmth and aroma that fills your kitchen.

Jasmine and Kim remind us that the essence of the season goes beyond decor and recipes—it's about enriching our lives with mindful choices. As you navigate the coming months, consider weaving these insights into your routine, finding joy in the everyday and embracing well-being.