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Ingredients You Can Pronounce… Unless Your Mouth Is Full


Pick up any one of our 9 products and you’ll see an ingredients list with things such as red peppers, green apples, broccoli, and cauliflower (just to name a few). Not only are we plant-based, but we don’t use any ingredients that we are not proud of. We believe in no additives, no-nonsense, and putting nothing in our products that you wouldn’t be happy serving your own family.

Big Mountain Foods has been proudly family-owned since 1987. Our mission has always been to make food that we would proudly serve our own family. Although we don’t make it at home, our products are as homemade as it gets. It is a healthy food that actually tastes amazing. Making it really easy to have a quick nutritious meal.

Since our food is prepared you could just heat and serve it, and you’ll find that incredibly delicious on its own. But where it really shines is in our recipes. Get excited with these fresh ideas.

It’s a simple choice. No bull. Allergen-free, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free.
Good Food. Healthy food that actually tastes amazing.

In a world where opinions on what’s healthy are always changing, we stick to what we know: that real food is always the best. Our family heritage comes with a responsibility: to stay true to our principles of sourcing local, cruelty-free and sustainable, plant-based ingredients. And then we go ahead and make it with care. Because that’s what goes into really good food.

We have a saying around here that says “food you can pronounce, unless of course… your mouth is full!” And that’s because our great tasting healthy food is not filled with mysterious ingredients.

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