About Us - Big Mountain Foods

In a world where opinions on what’s healthy are always changing, we stick to what we know: that real food is always the best. Our family heritage comes with a responsibility: to stay true to our principles of sourcing local, cruelty-free and sustainable, plant-based ingredients. And then we go ahead and make it with care. Because that’s what goes into real good food.

We are not just a vegan dish

but real and delicious food


Real ingredients you know and can pronounce.


It’s the simple choice.
No bull. Allergen free,
vegan, gluten free, etc.


Healthy food that
actually tastes


We minimize our environmental impact by using renewable resources and minimizing waste. Upcycling allows us to transform by-products into new value-added functional products. Our sustainable processing standards conserve thousands of liters of water per year in water conservation. Partnering with local farmers reduces our carbon footprint and supports our mission of environmental sustainability from the ground to the shelf. 


Established in 1987, we are women owned and operated based in Vancouver, Canada. Our mission is grounded in developing healthy plant-based food that not only tastes great, but is good for you. Food that we would proudly serve our own family. Food that is always fresh, made 100% with vegetables using only premium local ingredients. Our past will shape our future and we are wholeheartedly committed to manufacturing our products responsibly and sustainably with concern for our planet and all who inhabit it. 

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