Welcome to Big Mountain Foods!

Here at Big Mountain Foods we pride ourselves in innovation to continue to evolve and create fresh whole food products. Our mission is to bring awareness to the community on the importance of nutrition in a tasty way. Working alongside food scientists and research teams allows us to always give the consumers a health-conscious alternative that is cholesterol free, preservative free, low in fat and most importantly easy to prepare.

Kimberly Chamberland


Big Mountain Foods was founded in 1987 by Kimberly Chamberland. Having grown up in a vegetarian household, Kimberly was immersed in an environment that focused upon organic, whole foods long before these terms entered the mainstream. Her Mountain Veggie Burger became trendsetting providing a meat alternative that was both delicious and nutritious.

Even though the Mountain Veggie Burger continues to evolve, Kim’s philosophy regarding food has not changed since she opened her first restaurant, Kits Point Cafe in the heart of Kitsalano British Columbia, in the early 1980’s. Her business model is simple; provide great tasting food that is also healthy. Combined with her innovative mindset and creative culinary talent, the restaurant became a huge success. Kim founded Big Mountain Foods to handle the increased demand for her products in both the local and national markets

Kimberly’s passion has allowed her to travel the world learning about “new super-foods” to improve the nutritional quality and provide different flavors to her product line. Since its origin Mountain Veggie Burgers have been revised to be gluten free, soy free and are always made with fresh vegetables from local suppliers.

Jasmine Chamberland

Vice President

Jasmine Chamberland is a proud member of her families long-standing business overseeing warehouse operations, administration and marketing needs. With a passion for manufacturing and natural foods she continuously builds knowledge through research, workshops and peer groups including the BCFPA (British Columbia Food Processor Association) and the FPHRC (Food Processor Human Resource Council)
Jasmine has proven to be a great asset to BMF’s by bringing a fresh and innovative flair as the team expands. Jasmines admiration for Kimberly’s culinary and entrepreneurial skills has created a passionate mother-daughter team.

Jasmine joined BMF’s with the vision to expand the product line to give consumers gluten free options as she has struggled with Celiac Disease.

“ As a person with celiac disease it is my responsibility to create awareness to this subject as 99 percent of people are undiagnosed”. Giving consumers healthy, well-balanced, whole food products is our goal at BMF’s. Satisfying the customer is what makes the hard work pay off” – Jasmine