Quest Food Exchange

Big Mountain Foods is proud to have partnered with Quest Food Exchange. Quest is British Columbia’s largest not-for-profit food exchange program. Quest offers access to affordable and healthy food choices for those facing barriers to this basic necessity. See webpage for more info:


North Arms Farms

Big Mountain Foods donates all unusable products to North Arm Livestock. Both Big Mountain Foods and North Arm Livestockare proud to be able to feed the animals a fresh vegetable base food.

Hornby Hostel

Big Mountain Foods donates unusable product to the Hornby Hostel which is a program that houses travellers coming to Vancouver BC on a working visa. We also assist in an employment program to help get the visitors working right away.

We have worked extensively to keep the flavor and texture of the burger the same but have added extra ingredients including gluten free flour, brown rice and various lentils. Overall, Health Check Canada has worked with us to increase the protein and decrease the sodium and fat to give every household a well-balanced alternative.